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Tuesday July 14, 2020 comments

Any accounting, business or tax advice in this here podcast is not intended as a thorough in depth analysis of your specific issues. It's not a substitute for a formal opinion. It is not good enough to avoid tax related penalties. Got to tell you this because don't want y'all coming for me. Hey, it's Chyla Graham. Welcome to season three of the Nonprofit Nuggets Podcast. This season is going to be about infrastructure and systems. You know, the things I love. I'll be talking to some friends and you get to hear their interviews spread out over time. Because as you know, we keep these things short and sweet, but for those of you who want a little bit more in depth, and you're like, I'd rather listen to them all at one time, head over to our website, we'll post those there. 

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Chyla Graham (25:25):

So two more questions before we wrap up.

Amanda Wallander Roberts (25:26):


Chyla Graham (25:28):

So one is what's one podcast that you love and you feel like more people should listen to?

Amanda Wallander Roberts (25:36):

A podcast? That's really tough. I was listening to the podcast by Gretchen Rubin. I totally forget what it's called. She is the author of a couple of those books though. Do you know which one I'm talking about?

Chyla Graham (25:51):

I feel like I've heard her name. So I feel very... I'm going to use the Googles right now.

Amanda Wallander Roberts (25:57):

There you go. It's like...

Chyla Graham (25:58):

Gretchen Rubin.

Amanda Wallander Roberts (26:03):

Happy. I don't know.

Chyla Graham (26:08):

Okay. The Four Tendencies?

Amanda Wallander Roberts (26:11):

That's the book she wrote.

Chyla Graham (26:12):

Yes. I have taken that.

Amanda Wallander Roberts (26:14):

Oh, you have? Oh, I haven't

Chyla Graham (26:17):

Try it. We'll talk offline.

Amanda Wallander Roberts (26:19):

Okay. Wow. That'd be good. No, I listened to her podcast last year, but mostly I read. So I've been reading this book called... and I forget the author's name. I have it somewhere right by me. It's called Rest.

Chyla Graham (26:35):


Amanda Wallander Roberts (26:37):

I'm halfway through it. It's so good. Let me just tell you, it's got all these chapters. One of the chapters is called Walks, and it's just about how much going on walks can actually improve your work when you're working. And they've got a chapter, the last chapter I read was on maps. It's basically just teaching you how to rest and relax. And I'm like, "Oh my goodness. I've never done this." And so I'm really, really soaking it up right now. It's a great book.

Chyla Graham (27:03):

Okay. So I have two books then to recommend to you.

Amanda Wallander Roberts (27:08):


Chyla Graham (27:08):

Have you read Sleep Smarter?

Amanda Wallander Roberts (27:11):

No, I have not. I'll have to read that.

Chyla Graham (27:14):

Sleep Smarter, and there's another one that's called Sacred Rest, I think.

Amanda Wallander Roberts (27:19):


Chyla Graham (27:19):

And so that one, they talk about the different types of rests. Like, "This is an emotional rest and this is a..."

Amanda Wallander Roberts (27:26):

Here we go.

Chyla Graham (27:30):

Yeah. I will send you those links.

Amanda Wallander Roberts (27:32):

Thank you. I'm really excited about those.

Chyla Graham (27:34):

All right. And then what is one thing that you're proud of?

Amanda Wallander Roberts (27:42):

One thing that I'm proud of? I will say I am really proud of putting myself out there. It was really nerve wracking at first to be on social media and do Facebook lives, and have these videos and just post my face everywhere. And I felt like, Oh my goodness, but I don't want anyone to look at me, I don't want anyone to see me, because I really do just want to be so behind the scenes with organizations. But I'm really proud that I pushed through those butterflies and all that nervousness to say, "No. Actually, if I'm not posting these videos and the people who need this information are not going to get it."

Chyla Graham (28:23):


Amanda Wallander Roberts (28:23):

So really shifting my mindset around, no, this isn't about looking at me because that's what I never wanted. This is about helping people. And it's a really hard mindset shift to make. And I'm still working on it for sure. But I'm proud that I've gotten this far.

Chyla Graham (28:39):

Constantly, I feel like all the time, some days are better. I'm like, "I'm doing great." And other days I'm like, "What? What are these things?" Because I follow myself, so I'm like, "What? What is this going up?"

Amanda Wallander Roberts (28:53):

Yeah. It's like, "Oh no, I don't want to see this."

Chyla Graham (28:57):

But it helps me remember did you post the thing? Yes, I saw it. But I'm also like, okay.

Amanda Wallander Roberts (29:04):


Chyla Graham (29:05):

So good job. Yay. It's been a pleasure talking with you. I'm super excited to reconnect again.

Amanda Wallander Roberts (29:13):

Yes. Me too. I always love our conversations. I feel like about actually helping clients do things themselves, we're on such a similar wavelength, and you hardly meet consultants like that, because financially that doesn't make sense. You want clients to keep coming back to you forever, and it's like, no, but realistically you want them to be able to do this on their own.

Chyla Graham (29:37):

Yeah. I'm like, but part of this is that growth and they'll never grow if they have to keep using me. That means that either I haven't fulfilled my duties of, "Hey, I want you to still want to talk to me, but we could hang out. How we need to do this. So what's the plan?"

Amanda Wallander Roberts (30:00):

Right. Not creating that dependency.

Chyla Graham (30:03):

Definitely. So have a good day.



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