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Any accounting, business or tax advice in this here podcast is not intended as a thorough in depth analysis of your specific issues. It's not a substitute for a formal opinion. It is not good enough to avoid tax related penalties. Got to tell you this because don't want y'all coming for me. Did you know that I offer free 30 minute strategy sessions, strategy sessions are time for you to come with questions about the challenges your nonprofit is facing and for us to work through what that looks like, are there some resources that you need to be connected with? Are there some tools that we have that could guide you? Strategy sessions are free because I want you to have this time to really flesh out and talk out loud about what your organization is needing and if CNRG is a fit, great. But if not, we really want to make sure that you have what you need to take the next best step. Book a time on my calendar using calendly.com/cnrg/strategy. Back to the episode.  

Chyla Graham:

Thank you so much. I realized, I was like, "We set 30 minutes and we have talked for way more than that," and I love it. Personally, I enjoy talking with you, Rachel.

Rachel Miller-Bleich:

It's my pleasure. I love talking to you too, Chyla. It's always a pleasure.

Chyla Graham:

Yeah. Before you go though, I have two ask questions. So one being, what is a podcast or a book that has helped you or that you would recommend to others?

Rachel Miller-Bleich:

I'm a big podcast listener. Weirdly enough, I've been listening to podcasts a little bit less. I have been listening to more audio books, but I actually have two podcasts. I can't just pick one.

Chyla Graham:


Rachel Miller-Bleich:

One podcast that I really love is The Good Place Podcast, which I don't know if you're familiar with the TV show, The Good Place. What I really love is that there is a podcast that was created, I think, into the second or third event hosted by Marc Evan Jackson. He plays one of the minor characters, Shawn. He hosted the podcast where they do episode recap, and it's a wonderful opportunity to listen behind the scenes of the TV show, and it's especially fun because it's a TV show that I really love. But he also would end every episode asking his guests, "What's good?" And you just hear all these variety of responses, oftentimes highlighting the work of a nonprofit, which is always really great. But I always feel really inspired and just happy and joyful whenever I listen to that podcast. I recommend that highly. The other one that occurred to me that I think is so interesting is I really to listen to The Business with Kim Masters. It's a KCRW podcast and it is a hosted by a Hollywood reporter. Kim masters is a reporter in Hollywood. She's written for the Hollywood reporter many many years in the industry. She was behind the scenes in the effort to break the story about Harvey Weinstein. She has been a big reporter in Hollywood for a very long time. What I find really interesting about her podcast is it's this mix of interviewing entertainers, filmmakers as well as exploring a lot of the behind the scenes corporate, sometimes corporate nonsense, that occurs in the film and television industry.

Rachel Miller-Bleich:

I find that really interesting just because I love learning about some of the governance management issues that exist in other sectors and in other types of organizations. I always find that very enriching when you can think about business from a very specific perspective. So I love the first 10 minutes of her podcast is a banter where she speaks with another reporter and you just get a lot of insight about how Hollywood operates and how the entertainment industry operates. I find that also very enriching.

Chyla Graham:

Thank you. Then our last question is how would you people to connect with you? So where can they find you? What do they do if they want to reach out?

Rachel Miller-Bleich:

Sure. The best way to reach me actually is on LinkedIn, my personal profile, but also my company has a profile, MillerBleich Consulting, #MillerBleichConsulting. I have some presence on Twitter and Facebook, but LinkedIn is the key. That is how much of a D.C. professional I am. But my website also is www.millerbleichconsulting.com. I also have a blog where I am just trying to continue to contribute thoughts and ideas are related to specific issues in governance. My blog is called Treading the Nonprofit Boards, which is a takeoff of a theater expression. Treading the boards describes Broadway/theater acting, whereas Treading the Nonprofit Boards is really just about exploring the world of governance in nonprofit organization. I invite people to check out my blog, check out my website, looking up on LinkedIn, I'm happy to connect.


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