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Monday December 13, 2021 comments

Any accounting business and tax advice contained in this podcast is not intended as a thorough in depth analysis of specific issues. Nor is it a substitute for format information. Nor is it sufficient to avoid tax related penalties. If you have specific questions that you need advice for, be sure to schedule a strategy session and not solely rely on information in this podcast. All right, back to the episode. 

Hey everyone, so this will be the last episode for 2021. Welcome to the Nonprofit Ace Podcast, I am Chyla Graham. You see, sometimes I just be like, I'm just gonna record things and that'll be that. I have to remember that many people are listening. If you are new here, I'm Chyla Graham, I run CNRG Accounting Advisory. We are a virtual CPA firm based in Denver, Colorado and our goal is to get more nonprofits talking about money.

As you wrap up the year, one thing I want you to do is write a letter to yourself. I work with lots of nonprofit leaders and I recognize that we do not always celebrate ourselves, self included, even though I'm not a nonprofit leader, I recognize that sometimes when you're so busy doing the work that we don't take time to say, yo, you did a thing. You did a really, really good thing. So, one of the things I did last year was I ordered cards. I went, I’ll put a link to it, to Em and friends. I went to the website, and they have lots of cool cards, and I bought some and there was one that was for me, I was like this card is my card. 

And it's currently posted right in front of me. And it says, of course you did it because you are amazing. It can be very isolating as a leader of an organization. When you have a really small team, and you're wondering how much you share, and how much of the burden do you spread? I want you to really think about what you would say to your team to encourage them. As you think about how you wind down this year and you think about what's going to happen for next year, take a moment to say, How am I going to assess things? How am I going to show appreciation to my team and to myself?

Do not exclude yourself from your team appreciation events. Take the time to give yourself that pat on the back. It may seem like I'm gloating or that I've over inflated myself but you're gonna need those kudos. And if there's not someone on your team who's going to be like, Hey, I see the work that you're doing, and I want to tell you that you're doing a really good job, you're gonna need to be able to do that for yourself. 

So I got this card for myself. I knew this card was for me. And when was it? September, it was sitting on a shelf and I was just like, you know what, you've done really good so far this year, you should put this up, and I put it up and I've been so happy to be able to see it and look at it. Because it's a reminder that yeah, this year was challenging. I honestly feel that it was harder for me than year one of the pandemic but I did it. 

I did some really hard things for myself, I did some hard things for the team, I really got to be able to see that I love other organizations I work with, like, it's super exciting to see the work they're doing. And I know that if I'm not excited, I'm not going to do good work. And so it's been really helpful to remind myself like Yo, all of your clients are really dope and so I think, yeah, this is just my rambling way of saying give yourself some kudos. 

Think about ways you can surprise yourself. Goal digger, you probably heard the episode with Makisha, if you haven't go back, check that out. In 2020, she had us write letters that would be delivered on surprising dates. Check out letters to my future self, think about sending yourself a card when you might need to pick me up. Think about who on your team could be the one who's going to be there to motivate you. 

Another thing I did for myself this year was I scheduled a candy drop for myself. So I'm going to give you some of those links. because things change and you can really get in the weeds of like crap, things didn't go the way I planned and forget all the really amazing things that you have done for the year and so I want you to give yourself a couple of surprises for the upcoming year so that you can get a little motivation boost.

While you're so busy serving others and so busy making sure everyone else is taken care of. Take some time to take care of yourself. Do it over the next couple weeks before you get inundated with like, Oh crap, it's January again. Alright, that's all. 

Thanks for listening to another episode of The Nonprofit Ace Podcast. Until next time, bye.


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