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Chyla Graham:

Thank you. Last but not least, I want to go behind the scenes for Affinity Consulting Group. Before I let you go, what is a podcast that has helped you grow, and one piece of advice that has helped you grow as a business leader?

Cherrise Wilks:

Let's see. Podcast... Honestly, at this current moment, I am thinking longer term about how to use the company to move into community and real estate development. That's a bigger term goal in terms of the business growing. We've got our service where we provide consulting services. We will have our training academy through The Fund Finders Academy. Then ultimately the biggest goal is to also be able to do community development projects, through housing and other types of activities. So right now, I kind of listened to a lot of real estate podcasts. The BiggerPockets is a big one. So that's one.

Chyla Graham:


Cherrise Wilks:

Then personally, what has changed my life? I would probably say just recognizing that I can't do it all. So I now start out my day actively working on meditation and mindfulness to keep me still before the beginning of the morning, so that I'm poised to be successful during the rest of the day. Then I also just changed my environment, in terms of who I follow, what I read, what I listen to, the music that I listen to, that type of thing. It definitely has to have more positivity to it.

Cherrise Wilks:

If I need a log off of social media for the day, I do that. I don't watch the news for the day. If it comes to that. Then from there, I can create my to-do list. Some people have one thing they focus on, I make it three, and those are the three things I cross off my list for the day, and that's it.

Chyla Graham:

I love it. I am also a big fan of that and so Cherrise, I know you have a packed day ahead of you. Thank you for your time. Talk to you later.

Cherrise Wilks:

All right. Thanks.

Chyla Graham:


Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Nonprofits Nugget Podcast.


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